A/C Installation


We have the speed and experienced technicians in air-cond installation. Our competent technicians able to give advice, and confidently act on their suggestions for any type or air-cond installation for your home or your offices. Our team are willing to give the best effort to bring the most cost-effective solutions for our customer.

Better yet, with each Air-cond installation, we provide free warranty support service and for any problems, we also give 90 days service warranty, which no other contractor can give. Under our company, with each air-cond installation, any risk upon our customers are lowered to the minimum without any extra charge at all.

Chemical Service


What are the indicator that your air-cond needs to be serviced? EASY PEASY. Just be alert on these few clues; your air-cond starts leaking and dripping water, or maybe your air-cond starts building ice (yes, that cold icy ice) at the back of its coil behind the indoor unit. The best indicator would be, your air-cond simply feels less cold like it used to be. Then, if any of these clues happens, it is time to service your air-cond.

Our service has three packages to choose from. We always prioritise our customers and their money have values. Each chemical package has their own purpose and our team will only suggest the best and cost-effective ones for you. No hidden charges, no hanky panky excuse to fork out our customers money. Our chemical services are done precisely according to your air-cond conditions.

Contract Service


Professionally maintaining your HVAC system can help you save money and taking measures to keep your cooling system running smoothly year-round can also solve minor problems before they become major ones.

The true benefits of maintenance services come via consistency. With each cleaning and inspection, your system becomes more efficient and more reliable. Scheduled services optimise your air-conditioner’s function.

Our company are experienced in maintenance work and contract services for your offices, your hospitals, and even your food storage. Our prices and quotations are reasonable, coincide perfectly with our after-sale service warranty and high quality in delivery. Benefits like 24/7 response for complaints or urgent jobs or even trivial inspections are offered to our high valued clients, therefore provide better convenience to facilitate our clients’ needs. This is our strongest point as air-conditioning service provider.

On Call Service


Our SOP, we will first check the current condition of your air-cond. If the air-cond is in a bad shape and needs to be looked in further, we’ll propose to our customer to do a thorough troubleshoot.

During troubleshoot process, what we do is, our most skilled technician in the team will check your air-cond using various methods and tests. Since our equipment and tools are complete, finding the cause of problem in the aircond will be a swift. Repairing are based on the findings of our technicians. The most important thing is, we can deliver the job, and with our 90 days service warranty, our customers are in good hands.

Preventive Maintenance


Preventive maintenance is an important part of facilities management especially in air-conditioning system. We specialize in successful preventive maintenance program by designing established consistent practices to improve the performance and safety of the equipment for your air-conditioning system. Preventive maintenance by our team can decrease equipment downtime and the number of major repairs are automatically reduced.

There are more benefits by implementing preventive maintenance program. Air-conditioning system worth thousands of Ringgit, but with a successful program of preventive maintenance, better conservation of your air-conditioning system dan life expectancy can be increased, thereby eliminating premature replacement of your machinery or spare-parts. Overtime cost are reduced and more economical use of maintenance workers due to working on a scheduled basis instead of an ad-hoc basis to repair breakdowns. With well managed program, large-scale repairs are unneeded as routine repairs are already done the job and this improves safety and quality conditions for all.

Commercial Unit


Commercial unit for buildings and large usage of air-conditioning are a very much different system than the normal systems used by the residential units. Even both industrial refrigeration and air-conditioning are based on the same mechanism: refrigerant circuit, comprising the compressor, evaporator, condenser, and expansion device as an integral part of both systems, but each system has its own complexity that needs an expert to analyse and to provide problem solving of any surfaced problems. We have the traits and the ability to deliver these types of job, along with previous experiences, we can guarantee a satisfied job.

Commercial unit that we specialize varies. These are some of our past experiences and we always challenge ourselves to provide more of other services for commercial units.

  1. WCPU
  2. Chiller
  3. Cooling Tower
  4. Coldroom
  5. AHU
  6. VRV/VRF
  7. Ceiling Consealed
  8. Ceiling Cassette
  9. Multi Split

Why Choose Us

The dedication to fulfill our customer’s needs requires quick responds, good interactions, responsibility and excellent customer service.

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