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Commercial Unit

Commercial Unit

Commercial unit for buildings and large usage of air-conditioning are a very much different system than the normal systems used by the residential units. Even both industrial refrigeration and air-conditioning are based on the same mechanism: refrigerant circuit, comprising the compressor, evaporator, condenser, and expansion device as an integral part of both systems, but each system has its own complexity that needs an expert to analyse and to provide problem solving of any surfaced problems. We have the traits and the ability to deliver these types of job, along with previous experiences, we can guarantee a satisfied job.

Commercial unit that we specialize varies. These are some of our past experiences and we always challenge ourselves to provide more of other services for commercial units.

  1. WCPU
  2. Chiller
  3. Cooling Tower
  4. Coldroom
  5. AHU
  6. VRV/VRF
  7. Ceiling Consealed
  8. Ceiling Cassette
  9. Multi Split