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We Are A Group Of Air Conditioning Specialist

The TECHMASTER brand was established under the company SBS BUMI SDN BHD on March 2018 under two main persons who are highly dedicated in air-conditioning services.

The main idea was actually inspired years before on 2014 and the idea was to create a sole high-function system linked together between clients and company to deliver the best air-conditioning service in town that covers every part and types of air-conditions in the market. Thus with this intention, the company purposely opened an aircond hardware to cater the needs of providing best price and services for end users.

TECHMASTER is backed-up by masterminds to become a growing brand throughout Malaysia target to exists in every major cities and this amazing plan is already running to its goal. This high target can only run on par with the same high commitment, and this just shows our guarantee of best servicing for customers however big or small.

Our team of technicians were also trained to be part of our most important assets, and they are growing in numbers. Within only 4months, we already recruited 3 teams of 3 technicians to deliver our service in supplying, installing and maintenance.

Not just service and maintenance, we also help our customers with free consultation via our hotline. And not just any consultation, we give our customers the best solution we can offer, which we assure would be the best in town.

High-lifestyle with high-comfort cool home are our business and we provide the service with full effort and seriousness. With that in mind, we guarantee for our clients full satisfaction.

We Offer A Full Line Of Services For All Your Air Condition Needs

Company Mission

Behind the brand of TECHMASTER, there are two companies that are involved in successfully operating the whole air-conditioning services business. SBS BUMI SDN BHD is registered on 10th of December 2014 where the brand of TECHMASTER was established, while TECHMASTER EXPERT SDN BHD was established on the 20th of March 2018 and responsible of hardware shop activities. There are two main person and masterminds under these two companies who are very dedicated in the business.

For SBS BUMI SDN BHD, our team of skilled and proficient technicians are under the management of SBS BUMI, whereby the company provides needed necessity for our employees. Other than managing our employees’ affairs, SBS BUMI are also responsible for managing projects and exterior job. With this arrangement, our business is strategically managed and controlled.

While TECHMASTER EXPERT SDN BHD are a company purposely built to support SBS BUMI SDN BHD, as a branch company where it’s main purpose is to cater our air-conditioning hardware shop. Our hardware shop offers nearly more than 300 items air-conditioning spare parts, with the existence of this shop literally manage to successfully achieve our mission and vision.

Our mission are basically to provide exceptional services to the air-conditioning industry and their clients, the property owner, an individuals or in an organization by committing to provide the highest level of professionalism, service response, and quality workmanship. With this mission, we are to strive our vision and that is, pioneering as the most efficient and admirable company in the air-conditioning services field with our customers’ expectations to strive while contributing back to the community.

As our mission and vision as the main pillar of our companies, we hope to achieve our goal and by this, from time to time we want to provide the best service of world-class equality, not only to our customers but also to our employees who are under our responsibility, and to build a company that not just providing five star services, also providing a strong future for our employees. Because we believe, in creating an advanced and international business, in addition to our customers’ and clients’ needs, workers’ welfare should also be emphasized.

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